Anonymous said: there seems to be this episode called "unaired pilot", and I've never heard of it. is it like "many happy returns", just a sherlock teaser getting you ready for the next series? which series is it from and why is it not included in the first or second series episodes?

The Unaired Pilot was the original episode filmed to be 1x01; it’s basically the same plot as A Study in Pink with some minor differences, and differences in appearances of the actors. They re-filmed it to improve a few things. It’s available on the season 1 DVD.

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Anonymous said: would it be ok if i set one of your caps as a cover photo on facebook? it would be credited

Sure! :)

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Anonymous said: would it be alright to use these as references for paintings if i credit your original images?

Holy crap… that would be cool. Sure, go for it! Just as long as you can send us a link of a painting cause we wanna see :D

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Anonymous said: you have awesome caps! do you mind if i use some?

Please refer to our “Consulting Column” on our sidebar. Like we have stated numerous times, we are over the moon that you guys enjoy our caps, but it takes time to edit them to our liking so we prefer and appreciate it if no one uses our caps. 

If you have questions on the specific cap, if it be what part of the episode or even just about the coloring, feel free to ask, we don’t bite!

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